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Riding Hat EN1384 standard – All you need to know about the recent changes
As you may be aware the Riding Hat standards have recently changed – keep reading to discover why and whether your hat conforms to the current safety standards, The standard of your hat can be found inside the lining of the hat ………..
EN1384 standard has now been withdrawn – Why?
Every five years there is a revision of the safety standards on Riding Hats in the UK.  Not every revision results in a change to the Safety standards. EN1384 has been under review for a few years now, discussions reached a deadlock on whether EN1384 was still fit for purpose, no agreement could be made and as a result EN1384 has now been completely withdrawn.

Is a EN1384 standard hat still safe to use?As long as your EN1384 is fitted correctly and has not suffered damage especially impact damage which is not always visible to the eye, then this hat is still safe to use. Statistics show that EN1384 Hats have lowered injuries to riders and saved countless lives over many years. The protection offered by EN1384 has not changed.  A correctly fitted (BS) EN1384 hat will continue to be as protective as they have been for the last two decades when the standard was first introduced.Should shops still sell the EN1384 hats if the standard has been withdrawn?
EN1384 hats can still be sold; they can still be brought and still be worn. The reason being that at the time of manufacturing they were of the accepted certified standard. The  change means that manufacturers must now use the new standard to test against their current EN1384 models when producing new batches of the same hats.  Some manufacturers have moved to the VG1, this specification is in between the old and new European standards.  
Do you need to get a new hat?
Happy hackers may continue to wear and enjoy the protection offered by EN1384 hats for many years to come.  
If you are riding at a BHS approved Centre or British Riding Club event then you will not be allowed to wear your EN1384 hat (came into effect January 2016)
If going to a show or competition always check the show schedule or contact the show secretary to confirm which hat standard is required. If the EN1384 is not allowed for competitions, you will need to purchase a new hat to meet the rules of competition. However, British Dressage, RDA and most of the showing bodies have given the EN1384 another year, allowing use until the end of 2016.
For competitions can you still wear a hat which has two standards one of which is EN1384?
Yes - If the hat has EN1384 plus PAS015 then it will not be affected by this change.  If it has any of the other existing standards such as Snell or ASTM F1163 then this is OK for now however, since the CE mark may be based on the EN1384 standard these too may be affected in the future.
This change is relatively minor The British Equestrian Trade Association estimate that approximately 1.6 million riders will be unaffected  by the withdrawal of the EN1384 standard.
 EN1384 hats have always been popular due to their slim line design, they are lightweight and more ventilated than other hats, so don’t worry most of you can continue to enjoy the proven protection and comfort provided by the EN1384 



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